Sean Hackney


NextHome Northwest Living

About Sean Hackney

A second generation Realtor and Broker/Owner, Sean's father owned and operated one of the largest franchises in the state of Washington until 2007.  Now he looks forward to continuing this strong real estate legacy as Broker/Owner of the most exciting and innovative franchise in the U.S.

NextHome Northwest Living may be new to the area, but Sean is not.  A Western Washington University honors graduate, he has now called Bellingham home for over 31 years.  

"I came to WWU on an athletic and academic scholarship thinking I'd be here for a few years then head back to Oregon.  Bellingham had other ideas for me as I feel in love with this incredible area."

He uses his unique background in Education, Communication and Finance to help mentor and guide his clients in the big picture of real estate.  

Outside of real estate Sean is married with two daughters & two Frenchies.  An 11 time Ironman triathlete, he loves everything fitness, health , and personal growth related.  


In his words...

"We are building something different with NextHome Northwest Living.  Many state that, we are looking forward to showing it!

I have built my business day one based solely on individual relationships and now we get to continue that as a franchise.  The world we find ourselves in requires new and innovative tactics, but the principles remain the same.  In today's world we find ourselves bombarded with information, but are in dire need of knowledge and relationships.  This is our foundation."